Greetings Beautiful People

I would like to welcome you to join me as I travel down my road to freedom. If you have ever dealt with shame, unforgiveness, bitterness, fear, anger and rage, (just to name a few) feel free to join me in my journey.

~Peace and Blessings~

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stronghold of Fear

For so long, I struggled with fear in so many different areas of my life, that it had become a natural part of me.  At first it started with being afraid of sleeping in complete darkness, then it escalated to fear of speaking in front of crowds of people, and then fear of losing certain loved ones in my life.  Fear had gripped me to the point where any time I would have job interviews, especially for positions that I really desired, I would panic and become so fearful that I would get tongue tied, as if I did not prepare for the interview.  Over time it became so bad that I stopped applying for positions that I felt would consist of intimidating interviews.  In addition, fear began to hinder the plan and purpose God intended for me to walk, as I would even allow the enemy to stop me from testifying to the goodness and mercy of God.  The enemy would always play on my thoughts making me believe that I would sound dumb or stupid if I got up to give thanks and praise God for His many blessings.  Thank God He is!!!  Fear has been such a major stronghold in my life for so long, but finally I am tired of being tired of living my life through fear. 

During the entire month of June, I felt led to participate with some other women of God in a spiritual fast, where the purpose was to pray and fast for children, marriages, and families.  Each day we prayed for specific things but God also spoke through others in addressing certain struggles and challenges that some of us may or may not have been experiencing at some point in our life time. For me, God had been showing and revealing to me a lot of dark and not so attractive areas in my life.  At first when God began to show me things that he wanted cleaned up in my life, it became overwhelming because it seemed like alot to take in all at once.  However, one that was revealed was this very area of Fear!!!

When God first brought it to my attention, of course my first instinct was to ignore what He was trying to show me.  I don't think I felt as if I were ready to fight and stand up to the enemy when it came to this area of my life, as it had been a part of me for so long.  Nevertheless, as I allowed God to begin walking me through the process, he gave me a song that is sung by Juanita Bynum, called "Psalms 23." This passage had never really spoke to me in the manner that it did as I listened to Juanita Bynum minister this song.  It was like every word was annointed and every ounce of fear that I felt at that moment had no choice but to flee.  So now, as God continues to walk me into complete healing and freedom in this area, every time I sense fear even trying to come over me, I listen to the song. 

I refuse to allow the enemy to keep me from walking into my full purpose in God and I encourage you to do the same.  Below is the youtube video of, "Psalms 23" by: Juanita Bynum.  Listen to the words and allow it to get deep down in your soul.

Be Encouraged!!!