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Celebrating My Natural Freedom

I know I have not written anything in awhile, but over the past month I have been allowing God to reveal, restore, and transition me into the woman He purposed me to be.  With that being said, I recently celebrated my one year naturalversary and wanted to share my natural story with you.
On July 7, 2010 I decided to take the road less traveled and go completely natural.  Prior to that decision, I had been transitioning for about 6 months.  I believe the seed was planted in me back in 2009 when I became pregnant with my son and I made up in my mind that I wanted to offer him a chemical (Perm) free body to reside in for the 9 months he spent growing in my belly.  During that time I wore my hair in braids.  The braids were cool, as it allowed me the freedom to get up and go.  However, once my son was born, I was over the braids and wanted to wear my real hair out.  Once I took my braids out, my desire to continue on with the natural process had weakened, as I thought I was related to "Don King" when all my braids were completely out of my head.  Immediately I scheduled an appointment to have my hair permed the  After receiving the perm I kind of felt bad about my decision, so I went home and began my natural hair search of different styles and products via youtube.  I don't know if it was the hair styles or the actual products that sparked yet another flame in me of wanting to go natural, but from that moment on I was determined to go through with the process.

So, as I mentioned previously, I transitioned for 6 months and then I met my natural stylist, Karen Wilson through a friend, and scheduled a hair appointment.  The appointment was awesome, as she treated my then two textured hair and was about to style my hair before I said, "How do you think my hair would look if it was fully natural in a coil out?"  She assured me that it would look fine, as we looked through pictures she had posted on facebook during her natural hair journey.  Karen continued to educate me on the ends and outs of natural hair while I pondered over the decision to do the "Big Chop."  After a couple of hours of hair consulting  and a shampoo and deep conditioning  treatment later, I decided to go through with my decision.  Karen hurried to get the proper scissors to began the chopping process....I don't know who was more excited her or I, but my chop/style turned out perfect. 

Now, I am not going to lie, once I looked in the mirror at the finished product I instantly thought I had made the wrong decision.  I texted my husband a picture, in hopes that he'd validate my decision of chopping all of my hair off, and of course he did, but because I know him so well, I knew that he was not completely sold.  Nevertheless, once I arrived home, he said, "I like your hair, it looks better in person."  What a relief for me, even though he knew I was going to cut all my hair off, I just was concerned about what he thought of it.  From that moment on, my husband has been one of my BIGGEST fans during my natural journey.

 As I continued on with my natural journey, it became more than just a hair journey for me, it turned into more of a spiritual journey as I began to experience the compliments and criticisms of my decision to go natural.  There were people who said, "oh, you look great and you wear your natural hair well", but then there were also people who said, "your straight hair is more becoming on you."  Now, because I really don't consider myself one to struggle greatly with low self-esteem, it was not much of a problem, but over time it started to cause some insecurity issues.  However, it was at that moment that God began to minister to me in saying that taking the road less traveled is not always the easiest thing to do, just like making the decision to follow Him is a path less followed, but its the road that is BEST.  As God continued to speak to me, the less I cared about the negative things people had to say.  It built a confidence in me that was unbreakable.  It was also so awesome to see that the less I cared about the negative, the more I received compliments about my hair and my decision to go natural.  In addition, it drew me closer to God and allowed Him to began the process of making me whole again.  Going natural was one of the best decisions that I could have made, as I have never felt more beautiful, free, and liberated in my life.  Enjoy some pics of my natural journey below :o)!


  1. Continue to inspire others. JOB WELL DONE,!
    Terelle Greene


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