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Stay Focused.....Stay the Course

This year I decided to participate in the Ukrop's 10k and the training that they offer.  Training sessions are usually every Saturday morning and then they give you a schedule to follow during the week to help build up your strength, speed, and endurance.  Well, as you know today is Saturday and it's rainy.  So you know my flesh wanted to stay in my bed and sleep but I woke up to my alarm at 6:30 A.M. and really contemplated not going.  I even went as far as texting my friend girl to see if our group was still training in the rain.  However, after no response from her I reached out to my training group on their Facebook training page but still no answer.  I then sat on my sofa and went back and forth about going.  After a short while, I got up and began getting dressed. Before I knew it I was at the 10k training session. 

Well, once I arrived at the session we warmed up and we started on our four mile journey.  As I was running, I noticed how I ended up with the second group of novice runners who weren't that far from the first group of novice runners.  Somehow I was able to catch up with the first group and that is where I remained until I finished.  In the meantime and in between time, I found myself becoming unfocused and worried as I would stop, look back, and continue running. I did this a few times during my journey and I heard the voice of The Lord say, "Stay Focused and Don't Look Back."  However, I was getting tired and bored, ready to throw in the towel.  I ended up running alongside the first group of novice runners which gave me a little motivation to keep going.   I still continued to battle with just walking the rest of the course so I stopped. The first group was a little ahead of me and the second group was a ways behind me so I ended up running alone until two young boys gained on me and was running along side me.  Then eventually they passed me but by this time I was close to finishing and that is when God continued to speak to me saying, stay focused, stay the course, and don't allow distractions, which could be your thoughts, people, things, or anything that takes your attention away from focusing on the goal, the prize, and/or the victory.  He also said that though I may not see him during the course, he sometimes places people on the path as encouragement.  There are also those times when you have to travel the course alone, but if you stay focused and stay the course, He is always at the finish roooting for us to receive the reward in the spiritual just as the coaches were rooting for me to finish in the natural.

So I leave with you this scripture, Hebrews 12:2-3 that says: We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne. Think of all the hostility he endured from sinful people; then you won’t become weary and give up. (NLT)

Be Encouraged.


  1. Yes!! It is so easy to loose focus and start looking around finding every reason to stop moving forward but we cannot settle for that! It's like when Jesus gave Peter the command "Come" and he stepped out the boat and onto the water. As long as Peter was focussed on Jesus, he was able to walk towards Him. The minute Peter lost his focus and began to watch the storm and the waves, he started to sink and had to call out to the Lord to save him.

    Thank you so much for sharing!!
    xoxo, Leigh


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