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Monday, January 6, 2014

What kind of heart is your seed falling on?

So during my devotion time I studied out of the book of Luke chapter 8 verses 9-15.   This  passage gave insight on the seed of God and described the different soil your seed has potential to fall upon.  It defined seed as being the word of God and it broke down and spoke on the four types of hearts (soil) the seed would fall upon.

The first described is the seed that falls on the road, which is when one hears the word, but no sooner then they hear the enemy comes and snatches it from them so they don't believe.  The next one is the seed that falls in the gravel, which happens when one is super enthusiastic about what they heard but the enthusiasm doesn't run very deep. It's only another fad and the moment there is trouble, it's gone.  Then there is the seed that falls on weeds which happens when one hears the word but then the seed is crowded out and nothing comes of it, so people go about their lives worrying about tomorrow, making money, and having fun.  Lastly,  there is the seed that fall on the good heart, which is where a person seizes the word and holds on to it no matter what, sticking with it until there's a harvest.

This message definitely struck a cord in me because I have struggled with hearing the word and allowing it to fall on weeds, as I would often worry about trying to figure everything out when God was telling me that He had it all in control.  Honestly, I'm not sure why I struggled so much in this area as I have seen the faithfulness of God time and time again.  However,  I thank God for His goodness and mercy because it is new every morning.  His mercy and grace allows us a second and sometimes third and fourth chance to do things His way.  It allows us to really trust His word and for that I am grateful.

If you find yourself or have found yourself losing hope and faith in God's word, focus your attention on Luke 8:9-15 and I promise you it will help to put you back on track.

Be encouraged!

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