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Yesterday's Girl, Today's Woman

Have you ever set back and asked yourself, why do I continue going through the same trials and tribulations over and over again? This has been a question I often ask myself on a daily basis.  I asked God, why do I continue committing the same offenses against you time after time?  God's response has always been, "because you continue to try and do things in your own strength and not mines." Recently, I have started to experience true victory because I finally began to allow God to walk me through some of the most difficult moments in my life.  As I continue on this path to freedom, I will be sharing with you the real Samarra Rogers. 

I believe that God has placed it upon my heart to start a blog, not just for my healing and restoration, but for someone else as well.  When the thought of writing a blog was dropped in my spirit, I immediately tried to dismiss it because I do not like writing and I do not like opening up and feeling vulnerable.  However, when the spirit of God speaks I must act and obey.  So here I am......

Initially, I was going to title my blog, "My Personal Journey to Total Freedom/Deliverance from Unforgiveness," but as I continued to seek God on whether or not this was something He really wanted me to do I felt that it should be called, "My Walk To Freedom."  The title will reflect not only my freedom from unforgiveness, but also other areas in my life that I have struggled or continue to struggle with.  I can tell that I have grown in my walk with Christ because never would I have thought I would be sitting on my couch blogging about things that I don't just share with any and everybody. Over the next few months to a year, I will be sharing with you my struggles, trials, tribulations, and most importantly, the process God is taking me through to experience total FREEDOM and VICTORY.  Well that explains my first blog title...Yesterday's Girl, Today's Woman....because only a woman could open up to the world and expose herself so that the next girl could receive total HEALING and VICTORY in her life!


  1. I'm glad you have allowed the Spirit of God to dwell in you Samarra! This is an awesome thing you're doing! I am also a work in progress...trying to overcome bitterness, spitefulness, and just MY ways period. I do feel God is working on me to mold and shape me to where he wants me to be! I'm surrounding myself around more positive people now. I'm grateful and thankful for my trials and tribulations because I'm just like you, I'm using what I have gone through to inspire someone else. Jesus said if your ways please me I will give you the desires of your heart. I encourage you to keep blogging, keep believing, interceeding, and continue doing whatever God has placed on your heart to do. He definitely is speaking to you and you know you can't run from God especially if he has called you ;-)

  2. Awe...thanks so much Melanie! I will continue to seek Him and allow Him to work through me. God Bless You! Oh, and feel free to follow my Blog!!! Hugs!!!


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