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The Faith Process

So, I know I have not posted in a while, but over the last 6 months of 2011 God was taking me through a process of faith.  During that time my husband was laid off of his job and I had just started a new job as a Program Coordinator for a Therapeutic Day Treatment program.  Before I started that job, I had been laid off of a job I worked for a little over 3 years, so I looked at the opportunity as a blessing from God because it was presented to me at a time when I was on the verge of being unemployed.  However, once I started the position I began to realize after a short time that this was not the position for me, as I did not like how the company was run and the amount of responsibility that was placed on me.  Despite the dislike for the position, I refused to go to God with any complaints because after all He opened a door of employment for me when I learned from my previous employer that my position was being phased out.  For a while I just prayed and fed myself the word of God for strength to carry on even though I was not completely happy.  Then one day, the opportunity was presented through one of the members of my church to work for a Fortune 500 company that could eventually give me the benefits and pay that my heart desired.  The only challenge at the time for me was that I would have to accept a part time position until a full time opportunity presented itself.  I think it was at this time that the  faith process began for me.  I had a decision to make.  Should I stay with a company that I really didn't believe in their vision or step out on faith and totally take God as my soul provider?  Of course, this was no easy decision because during that time my husband was laid off of his job and immediately I became fearful wondering how we would be able to keep things going without two full incomes.  After seeking God and communicating with my husband, I decided to leave the full time job and take the part time position.  I think it was at this time I completely placed all of my cares, anxieties, and fears in His hands for once.  Even though the position was offered to me as a part time position, the pay rate was much higher, which allowed my check, though part time, to look as if I worked full time.  In addition, God made it so for the first month and a half I worked no less than 30 hours. Then after two full months an opportunity presented itself for me to get the additional hours I needed to have a complete 40 hour work week.  After being with the company for 3 months, God saw fit to open up not one but two permanent positions.  However, one position consisted of 40 hours with benefits and the other was 32 hours with benefits.  Of course I was believing God for the 40 hour with benefits position, but there was also another co-worker who desired the same position.  So after going through the process, I was offered the 32 hour a week position, because the company said that she had seniority over me. The old me would have gotten upset and tried to compare my work ethic with hers, but instead I continued praying and standing on the promise of God.  Within the next week, I was told that another position had come available that my co-worker preferred instead, so I ended up getting the 40 hour a week with benefits position.  I was so thankful because I watched God work things out on my behalf without me trying to fight for anything.  Today, I am working full time as a renal social worker, with excellent pay, and benefits. And God didn't just stop there because He also blessed my husband with an awesome full time position with benefits and some extras on the side.  I won't elaborate so much on his testimony but I will give him an opportunity to make an appearance on the blog and tell you all how good God has been to him.  During this whole process, God gave me two scriptures to stand on.  The first coming from Jeremiah 29:11, which reads: "I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  He also stated in 1 Peter 5:10~And the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm, and steadfast. Through it all I learned that Nothing and No one is GREATER than MY GOD!  Looking forward to Greater things in 2012!

Be Encouraged.


  1. Pure AWESOMENESS!!! God is great! :)

  2. So inspirational! Thank you for this testimony! Obviously I didn't stumble upon this accidentally! What I needed at the right time!


  3. To God be the Glory. I am glad my testimony inspired you.

  4. WOW, what a testimony!!! To GOD be the glory!!! Keep standing on GOD's word!!!

  5. This is just what I needed today sis...thank you soo much. I will meditate on these scriptures as I face my upcoming challenges. I know God will be with me always. My Faith will not waiver! Donna B.

  6. To God be the Glory big sis! Gods word always stand firm!

  7. You are incredible! Praising God with you!


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